This page includes readings for instructors on teaching globalization

It is organized by subject area; feel free to add sections and/or material.

Teaching for global competence

Political economy

  • Experiencing globalization: Active learning teaching and learning in international political economy, Amoore, Louise and Paul Langley, International Studies Perspectives, 2001, 2, 15-21
  • Track twelve: Internationalizing the curriculum II, Choudary, Narasimhan, and Wright, PS July 2008
  • From political science back to politics: Learning to teach intro to comparative politics, PS January 2004
  • Teaching political economy in political science: a review of international and comparative political economy syllabi, Darel Paul, Perspectives on Politics, December 2006, 4: 4
  • Teaching political economy: curriculum and pedagogy, Frank Stilwell, Proceedings of the 11th Austalasian Teaching Economics Conference, ND?
  • Politics and the real world: a case study in developing case-based learning, Sarah Hale, European Political Science, 5: 2006
  • Interdisciplinary teaching tools for economics 101: gateway concepts of quality of life and capitalism, Homayoun Hajiran, 2004, (manuscript from JEL)
  • Teaching the benefits of capitalism, Roger Butters, ND? University of Nebraska, Nebraska Council of Economic Education




Aubert, Laurent. (2007), The Music of the Other: New Challenges for Ethnomusicology in a Global Age. Burlington, VT: Ashgate.