From here you can access global teaching materials and, ultimately add to the site. You may want to:

1. Browse teaching tools

To get things underway, we offer a conventional index of items organized by pedagogical type (ie: whether it's a video, group exercise, case study, etc).

Ultimately what matters is how easy material is to locate when it's needed. To that end, the Teaching Tools need to be effectively 'tagged' or labeled with keywords. This is a difficult process, and is considered at greater length here.

2. Search for and find a teaching tool

To locate materials, we want you to be able to use an embedded search engine--just as you would a library database or catalog. Your search would locate pages that are 'tagged' with your search item. This is not functional yet.

3. Add a teaching tool

To help build this site, we want you to be able to add materials. In the future, you will be able to add material by using a form that looks like this.

The form asks for the following information
  • A short title
  • A brief description, describing the content in a few sentences
  • Classroom notes, describing how the item can be used
  • Tags (keywords) describing the item using readily understandable keywords, including the following information:
    • Pedagogical descriptor
    • Topic
    • Provenance, stating whether the item is journalistic, academic, advocacy, artistic, etc.
    • Media (if not text-based)
    • Geographic descriptors (if applicable)
  • The URL link to the page if hosted elsewhere, or to the file created here.

4. Make a suggestion

Please let us know how we can improve this site. You can email us at: Templeuglobalteachingcircle [AT]