[This is our 3/4/09 draft as recorded by Nancy]

We want to prepare students to comprehend, communicate and participate responsibly in a globalized world. To that end, we have adapted and expanded the linear Knowledgeà Attitudes à Practices model of development communication to form a three-way mutually reinforcing framework

Knowledge (influences and is influenced by attitudes and practices)
§ Demonstrates basic knowledge of world: history, geography, politics, economics, beliefs, values, perspectives, practices and products of other cultures.
§ Comprehends the interconnectedness of societies, the ways we influence and are influenced, including knowledge of contemporary and historic global issues, processes, trends, and systems
§ Understands one’s own culture, assumptions and attitudes within a global comparative context
§ Recognizes that alternate perceptions and behaviors may be based in cultural differences, but that cultures and attitudes are neither static nor monolithic

Attitudes (influence and are influenced by knowledge and practices)
§ Appreciates the language, art, religion, philosophy and material culture of different cultures
§ Considers the beliefs, values, perspectives, practices of other cultures as worthy of study and thought
§ Is willing to negotiate tensions between homogeneity and hybridity, individual and community, and structure and agency
§ Embraces a sense of responsibility that extends beyond self to community, country and world

Practices (influence and are influenced by knowledge and attitudes)
§ Applies knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference, and alternate perspectives to think critically and solve problems.
§ Engages with people of other cultures
§ Actively seeks exposure to other cultures
§ Employs foreign language skills and/or knowledge of other cultures to extend access to knowledge, experiences, and understanding

Additional considerations