Attending a world music concert

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Attending a world music performance


Students are required to attend a live world music performance and write a paper about the experience.

Classroom comments:

This is an assignment that I give to my students in the Gen-Ed class "World Musics and Cultures".
The assignment is to: Attend a live world music performance and write a paper about the experience.
There is a dual goal in writing the paper:

1) to describe the performance using musical terminology and analytical skills acquired during the semester,
but, just as important,

2) to see this music from the performer’s viewpoint: to examine why that music exists and what value it holds for the performer and audience.
The kind of music that people play reflects what is important in their society so you can learn about their cultural values by analyzing the sounds and textures of the music, and examining where, why and for whom it is performed.

Before attending the performance the students are required to write a proposal that gathers research about their chosen subject. Then they will attend the concert knowing something about what to expect from the experience.
Guidelines for writing an ethnography proposal:

Guidelines for writing the paper:

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