Social bookmarking is a way for a community of users to identify websites and 'tag' them (and add comments to the bookmark that are visible to all). People contributing could identify web-pages and resources using the tags we provide or add their own; the Delicious site for our group would keep track of the tags and links, which could be accessed from anywhere.

Using a social bookmarking system like Delicious would give the Teaching Tools initiative a collaborative, decentralized, and democratized character.

Tags would reflect what users (instructors, teaching & learning professionals, students, etc) think is useful. There would be no need for an exhaustive list of keywords. Instead, a basic set of tags could be generated by us, with descriptions as to what each entails.

Again, some resources would be hosted here; most would be off-site but accessible through their would expand and contract as needed. Thus, it would help to resolve the problems of creating an exhaustive list of keywords and deciding which to use when.

We have begun experimenting with Delicious bookmarks. You can find our tags and tagged pages here:

There are several advantages to this service:
  • Users can 'subscribe' to bookmarks and be told automatically (by email) when new bookmarks are added.
  • A list or 'cloud' of our bookmarks can be added automatically on our homepage. (This is not possible on a wiki)

These functions can be set up through the 'Settings' page on the delicious homepage when logged in.