Our tags or keywords are 'descriptors' equivalent to descriptive fields in a database. They should reflect our purpose: to help readers identify material that they need, or learn about items that can be discovered here.

For a discussion on how these tags could be generated and assigned, go here.

For the initial round of material we're adding to the site, the following kinds of tags are being used:


Pedagogical descriptors

  • Exam or quiz (TEST)
  • Lecture or mini-lecture (LECTURE)
  • Thought prompt (THOUGHTPROMPT)
  • Debate (DEBATE)
  • Research exercise (RESEARCH)
  • Writing exercise (WRITING)
  • Case study (CASE)
  • Problem-based assignment (PROBLEM)
  • Simulation (SIMULATION)
  • Group exercise (GROUP)
  • Service and activist learning (SAL)
  • Policy position paper (POLICY)

Topic (examples)

  • Economy
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Politics


  • · Journalism (JOURNALISM)
  • · Advocacy (ADVOCACY)
  • · Academic (ACADEMIC)
  • · Artistic (ART)
  • · Government (GOVT)

Media (if not text-based)

  • · Audio (AUDIO)
  • · Video (VIDEO)

Geographic identifier

  • · Describes region and country